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Explore our exciting range of PVCu windows

Transform your home with our range of industry-leading, high quality 'A+' Rated energy saving double glazed windows - each one carefully designed and manufactured to your exact specifications.

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Casement Windows

Casement windows consist of outward opening sashes and fixed lights. Sashes can open as side hung or top hung to suit any application. We combine high energy efficient glass units, seals, and frames so you can be sure you’ll start to save money on your heating bills from the day they are installed. Multi-point high-security locking is provided as standard. This is our most popular design of choice which is available in a multitude of styles and finishes.

Whatever style you go for, you’ll find our casement windows aren’t just pleasing on the eye, they’re practical too. Minimal maintenance means their good looks will last well into the future.

Tilt and Turn

Tilt and Turn windows allow you to enjoy the benefits of a truly versatile product – eye-catching and practical too.

This design of window is available in a number of style options, all allowing larger opening areas to be achieved, thus this product can be used for fire escape openings.

Our tilt and turn window is also available with a variety of glazing options, to include Georgian bar, leaded lights, and obscure glass.

Tilt & Turn windows consist of an opening sash, which can be operated in two ways. Turn handle to 90° to tilt the top of sash inwards with restrictors (hinged at the bottom), turning the handle a further 90° allows the sash to open fully inwards, hinged on the side for access and cleaning.

Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

Green Kite’s vertical sliding sash PVCu window range marries the vintage elegance and charm of traditional timber sliding sash window with all of the benefits of modern materials.

They are crafted from PVCu making them extremely strong. They will not rot, warp or require any painting making them virtually maintenance free.

To make them a market-leading sash window, we have selected the very best hardware which includes top-of-the-range operating mechanisms to ensure problem-free use for many years to come. These hand-built sash windows are virtually indistinguishable from their timber counterparts.

Whichever colour you choose for your home the UV resistant finish ensures they retain their colour, shape and their beautiful look throughout the years.

Similar to our other window ranges you will benefit from a multitude of styles and finishes.


Bow And Bay Windows


Colour Options
Glazing Options
Furniture Options
Furniture Colour Options

Make a bold design statement

Our window ranges are available in a variety of exciting finishes.

The choice is yours so why not make a bold statement? Choose from the realistic wood grain effect finishes such as Rosewood, Mahogany, Golden Oak, Irish Oak, Antique Teak, Soft Cherry and Rustic Cherry or pick from an array of very popular solid colours.

All finishes can be combined with your choice of glass design. Options include Georgian fret, plant-on cottage bars, stained glass, diamond or square lead.

Besides the colours shown here, we are launching a brand new and enticing range of superior colour choices. Just ask our expertly trained consultants about all of our design options.

Make it uniquely you

Green Kite’s double glazed range of products use Pilkington Glass to deliver the best quality, high-performance windows and doors that money can buy.

With the vast array of glazing and design options for you to choose from you truly can make your new windows and doors uniquely yours.

Choices include patterned or textured obscured glass, stained glass, decorative leading and glass bevels.

Make it truly your own through our specialised bespoke methods by dividing the glass units into smaller panes by insertion of a white or coloured Georgian bar in between the glass panes giving them a more visually appealing design.

If you demand a more traditional finish we can offer you Astragal or Cottage Bars. This method requires Duplex Spacers in between the glass panes and then ‘plant-on’ bars are applied to both internal and external surfaces which mimic the style of the classic Georgian square window style.

Another option available is run-through Mock Sash Horns which recreates the traditional aesthetics of a timber sliding sash window. Normally, this optionally enhanced detail is ideal for use if your home is located in a heritage or conservational area.

Our expert representatives are on hand to help you through the selection process and assist you in choosing the best style to suit your taste and your home.

Finishing touches

Create a statement and beautiful impression with our cutting-edge stylish window and door furniture.

The entire range offers complimentary accessories to suit all window and door styles.

All options are designed with ease of use and the best security features built in.

Create your great first impression

Now that you have chosen your perfectly designed windows and doors we have specially selected the best in style and quality with the window and door furniture.

Choice of colours includes White, Satin Chrome, Graphite, Chrome, Gold, Antique Black, Brass and Black.

Why not ask our representative about the available colour options?

Discover your perfect style and make it a reality

With a wide selection of colours and styles we are sure you will find your match.

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