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Tilt and Turn allows you to tilt the window inwards, for ventilation or alternatively open fully inwards to allow for easier cleaning


Tilt And Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows allow you to tilt the window inwards, at the top to aid ventilation. It can be opened fully inwards similar to a door which allows for easier cleaning. This window design is greatly beneficial if the window is located in a difficult to reach areas such as above a porch or a conservatory and reaching them is a problem. This type of window can also be used as an emergency fire escape opening making your home safer in the event of a fire.

However, Tilt and Turn windows are very versatile as they can be used instead of casement windows to allow for vent openings in particularly larger sized windows. They can also be incorporated within bay and bow style windows and is available with a wide variety of glazing options including Georgian bar, Astragal bar, diamond or square leading, obscured/textured glass or simply clear glass.



How we build your Tilt and Turn Windows…

Colour Options

Glazing Bureau’s windows are available in a wide range of colour options.


Glazing Bureau’s uniquely stylish and high-quality frames are designed with the best materials available for aesthetic appeal, strength and durability. You will expect non-other than high-performance windows in all weather conditions. They are made with Virgin Grade 1 uPVC meaning they are made from first stage raw materials and not from recycled plastics, preventing them from UV fading and discolouring.

Warm Edge Spacer

Up to 80% of a double glazed window’s energy losses occur at the glass edge. Ordinary aluminium spacers conduct hot and cold temperatures, therefore, allowing it to travel both in and out of the perimeter of the glass in your windows. During Winter metal/aluminium spacers allow heat to escape as well as encourage condensation. To overcome these problems Glazing Bureau’s ‘A+’ rated windows and doors feature the Duralite Warm Edge Spacer. It is up to 22 times more efficient than ordinary spacers helping greatly to reduce your heating costs.

Hinge Options

The unique Glazing Bureau Tilt and Turn hinge is made from marine grade stainless steel to provide strength and durability. The Tilt and Turn hinge allows the window to open in two ways. Turn the handle 90 degrees and window tilts inwards for ventilation. Turn it a full 180 degrees and the window opens fully inwards almost like a door for easy cleaning and for escape in case of a fire.

Sealing & Finishing

Enhance your home’s comfort with a high quality Glazing Bureau installation.

Paying attention to the fine details and the finishing are of utmost importance to the overall performance and look of your windows. Glazing Bureau installers are trained to use only industry-leading approved materials.

Glazing Options

More than just glass! Our choice of glazing designs provides you with great choice so that you can personalise your windows to your chosen style. Speak to our representatives to see how you can change the look and feel of your home and save money at the same time through Glazing Bureau’s marketing leading ‘A+’ energy efficient window range.


Your safety and security is of paramount importance when we install windows or doors to your home. Built into every Glazing Bureau window and door is the ultimate industry-lead high security systems which carry the approval of the Association of British Insurers. We welcome you to call us for a free home security survey and discuss your requirements with us.

Key features:

  • 8 locking points minimum with shootbolt (VS1 system)
  • 11 locking points minimum with shootbolt (VS3 system) with 3D locking pins
  • Heavy duty bolt with 300% more contact area than competitor locks
  • Patented docking system of the bolt into the keep for smooth operation
  • Steel deadbolt in the central lock and 2 steel cams (VS3 system)
  • PAS24 compliant (tested to more than double the requirements)
  • Features the unique Power Brace keeps with weather resistsant nylon case and 2mm hardened steel plate


Choose the best seal on the market. The Q-Lon is the world’s best weatherseal gasket. Q-lon keeps the weather out, the heat in and reduces noise pollution. Make an appointment with us and our representative can demonstrate this amazing seal to you.


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