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Customer Care & Charter


We have become a fast-growing independent replacements home improvements company because of the following:


  • Our commitment to our customers;
  • the high quality and consistent attention to workmanship; and
  • our Customer Care


The Customer Charter sets out the minimum standards you can expect from all the people involved in our business in delivering the best customer service experience possible. Our customers are at the center of our business and we will do our best to always deal with you honestly, reasonably and with the utmost respect.


  1. We always carefully consider all enquiries from our customers with total confidentiality and do our best to deal with them in a reasonable way and within reasonable timescale.
  2. Our company staff will always identify themselves first.
  3. We will carefully consider customers’ requests and give priority to the most urgent.
  4. Our company staff will offer advice clearly and simply.
  5. If we have agreed dates of visits, we will do all we can to make sure we meet them.
  6. If you write to us, we will acknowledge your correspondence.
  7. If we need to take action to sort out an issue, we will do our best to take this action within fourteen days of receiving information about the issue.
  8. We will do our best to return all telephone calls, email correspondence within 24 hours where possible.
  9. We will do our best to deal with complaints we receive from our customers as quickly as possible and in line with our procedure fro handling complaints. You can obtain a copy of Glazing Bureau’s complaints procedure by calling our helpline on 0191 349 7421, or by email at enquiries@greenkiteuk.com
  10. We will consider all requests for compensation fairly and sympathetically.
  11. We will handle and deal with all our customers in line with all relevant laws.
  12. We will monitor our complaints and quality managements systems and review them regularly to continually improve our customer service experience.
  13. If we have fallen below the standards set out in this Customer Care & Charter, we will apologise.


Glazing Bureau – 100% committed to our customers.

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